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Lighting up the Navajo Nation with Goal Zero solar technology

Without access to grid power, many families on the Navajo Nation rely on gas lamps, candles, or even car batteries to charge electronics and light up their home. For some, daily activities simply end as soon as the sun goes down. Living on the reservation, the landscape is diverse and full of beauty, tradition and history. However, roughly 15,000 people live in remote homes that are not connected to electricity or running water. Miles of rugged dirt roads separate neighbors and the cost of running power and water to each home becomes fiscally impossible. As official Goal Zero vendors based on the Navajo Nation, we strive to provide affordable power solutions.

“With the addition of solar into the community, the positive effects are immediate and obvious. No more running a truck for two hours to charge a phone. No more breathing fumes from lanterns to see at night,” said David Rosner, Goal Zero Installation and Product Manager. “Productivity, education, and health immediately increase with this displacement. With distribution of product in place, this program builds economy internally by creating jobs while providing a much needed lighting and power solution. Both short term and long term programs have been implemented to help the concerns of the Navajo Nation.”

To see what products are available from Goal Zero, please view the 2021 Spring Workbook. In the workbook, you’ll find images, tech specs and product details.

Outdoor Back-up Power

For those who love the great outdoors, portable power packs are the perfect companion during hunting, fishing, trail riding and rodeo seasons. Take one of these light-weight, quiet power stations along with you, and you’ll always be able to charge your electronic devices – no matter where you are.

Off-grid Electricity

Living off-grid is a choice for many. It’s a life that comes with peace and quiet. However, it’s also really nice to have electriity to read a book, write, or do homework. For those who make their living taking photos or making videos, solar power stations are a great way to charge batteries and tech. Plus, it’s clean, renewable and affordable!

Work Site Power Stations

Many people travel far from home to make a living for their families. Some people do construction in rural areas, others follow the pow-wow circuit, or set up as roadside vendors. Everyone finds themself needing energy to charge up their tools or phones. Portable power is the way!

Over the past few years, Goal Zero has joined forces with a number of partners to bring solar, power, and light to different parts of the Navajo Nation. This fall, a crew of 20 employees and ambassadors traveled to [Central Agency] with the goal of completing 40 solar kit installs over the course of two days. In partnership with Yahuaca Knowledge Distribution, we equipped both traditional hogans and modern houses with a solar panel, power station, and LED lights. Some families were receiving power for the first time, others simply wanted to make the move towards cleaner, renewable energy.

Goal Zero

Let’s light up the Navajo Nation together.