Visibility Services

Adrian Lerma (Diné) is the Executive Director of Yahuaca Knowledge Distribution. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Arizona University, majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and minoring in Applied Indigenous Studies. She is currently taking graduate level courses at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management. She has a background in program development and management, and brings over 9 years of experience in the nonprofit sector to her work. With experience in marketing, fundraising, strategic planning and public relations, she is a skilled project manager and event coordinator. Adrian is a co-founder of the Navajo Women’s Energy Project (Est. 2012) and the Native American Business Incubator Network (Est. 2014). Through these roles, she has acquired skills in social media marketing, brand development, website management, community outreach and grassroots organizing.

Empowerment focused services that aim to provide tools and strategies to entrepreneurs, creators and change-makers.

Visibility Consultation

Visibility Consultation for indigenized brand development and reinforcement; marketing strategy; social media management; public relations guidance; and promotional approaches for products and projects where ethics and integrity are at the forefront .

Workshop Facilitation & Team Building

Workshop facilitation and visual translating. Services include the orchestration of conversations, activities, panel discussions and round-tables; as well as the integration of art and music into information/knowledge dissemination.

Community Building, Partnerships and Collaborations

Presentations focused on community-based participatory research, grassroots organizing, and small business development on tribal lands. This service aims to empower local community members to lead their own research investigations, launch entrepreneurial ventures and collaborate for impact.

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As an Indigenous woman who grew up on the Navajo Nation, I’ve observed how Indigenous communities often times lack the power to set their own agendas in regard to issues that directly impact them. Through collaborative efforts with motivated ‘change makers’, I’ve built on the work to bring our indigenous voices to the forefront of policy making and economic development. I truly believe that all citizens of the Navajo Nation ought to be educators, activists, and leaders with a vision and a plan to change the economic and political landscape. My professional life has been built on the foundational practice of forward thinking. This has allowed me to make decisions with integrity and foresight that my own children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of my good choices, or sow the seeds of my bad ones. I believe in trailblazing and paving a path for those who are coming up behind me. Our time, efforts and resources are not unlimited, so we need to be strategic, creative and conservative with what we have right now. As a family member and a community member, I lead with my heart. I do work that will make a difference in the long run, and I encourage others to join me on this mission to create a landscape that is primed for growth and prosperity. Though it is a difficult journey that requires discipline and self-motivation, it’s a journey worth making if it will benefit the generations of indigenous people who deserve opportunities to learn, grow and be empowered.”

Adrian Lerma’s Personal Philosophy Statement