Team YKD

Ya’at’eeh! We are #TeamYKD. We are a mom + pop business based out of Tsaile, Arizona. We are educators, activists, and writers with big dreams to change the economic and political landscape of the Navajo Nation. We love critical thinking, conversations around campfires, good coffee and solar tech!

Our work incorporates our passion for knowledge dissemination, on the ground activism, grassroots organizing, family, and culture. We partner with established organizations that specialize in innovative indigenous empowerment, strategic community building, traditional knowledge preservation; and we execute team-based solutions to grow their reach and achieve their mission. 

16998786_10208860339561360_4888655489256395627_n(1)Adrian is the Executive Director of YKD. She is the planner, designer, coordinator, and copy editor. She loves social media marketing, dabbles in photography, and doesn’t flinch when it’s time to get on a roof to do a solar install!

Michael is the Director of Research & Development. He gathers the stats, does the math, makes the spreadsheets, and analyzes the data. He is an expert espresso maker, skilled singer/songwriter, and a published author!

Together, we are #TeamYKD

We provide the following services:

  • Policy Analysis Consultation (Environmental Policy, Indigenous Science, Federal Indian Law and Policy, Indigenous Economic Development)
  • Visibility Consultation, including indigenized branding + marketing strategy
  • Workshop Facilitation, including scribing and graphic storytelling
  • Book talks for ‘Guided By the Mountains’ and ‘Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century’
  • Presentations & panel discussions regarding indigenous academia and activism, indigenous sovereignty and uprising, indigenous innovations and solutions, and the importance and modern day applications of traditional indigenous knowledge

Listen to our PODCAST INTERVIEW with ’21st Century Native American Leaders’ to hear more about who we are + what our mission is!