About Us


It began with a bright idea, a spark between two creative souls, and an innate drive to do something meaningful. We were on a dark, desolate road in New Mexico driving toward our future. The goal was simple: to regain our voice as indigenous people, reset the agenda, and put Native people in the driver’s seat of our own existence. They say ‘colonization is experiencing change on other people’s terms’. Our terms involve thriving. In conversations all across Indian Country, we had been hearing the same message: we need to move beyond surviving and begin thriving!

Over the course of three years, we have contributed to that process in the following ways:

  • Supporting Native-operated non-profit organizations; 
  • Promoting two major publications;
  • Producing two music albums; 
  • Launching a YouTube channel; 
  • Starting a reservation-based solar tech operation
  • Engaging in philanthropy

These activities have moved us closer to our goal. Our audacity to survive an Indigenous holocaust remains our biggest motivator to shift the landscape and change our world for the better. In small ways, we proved that art speaks volumes, unity is unbridled, and the spirit of indigenous people is strong! In large ways, we put power behind vehicles that are propelling indigenous talent, innovation and ingenuity forward. 


Yahuaca Knowledge Distribution LLC is composed of Adrian Lerma, Executive Director, and Michael Lerma, Director of Research and Development. We are a ‘friendly, decolonial, rez-based mom & pop conglomerate’. We exist to positively change the Navajo economic & political landscape; to grow & strengthen indigenous nations; and to serve under-served indigenous communities by providing solar tech, literature, art, music & support services for other entrepreneurs.

We aim to build on the work of previous attempts to bring our Indigenous voices to the forefront of policy making and economic development. Utilizing collaboration, creativity and innovative thinking, we aim to re-educate and rebuild our communities. By partnering with existing organizations, and supporting their efforts to provide groundbreaking programming and knowledge dissemination, we will become the drivers in a movement of knowledge creation and documentation.

Support services include:

  • Policy Analysis Consultation: Environmental Policy, Indigenous Science, Federal Indian Law and Policy, Indigenous Economic Development
  • Visibility Consultation: Branding, Marketing, Website + Social Media Management
  • Virtual book talks for ‘Guided By the Mountains’ and ‘Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century’
  • Virtual presentations regarding indigenous academia and activism, indigenous sovereignty and uprising, indigenous innovations and solutions, and the importance and modern day applications of traditional indigenous knowledge

Products include:

  • Goal Zero solar technology
  • Books: ‘Guided by the Mountains’ & ‘Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century’
  • One Note Johnny albums: ‘Historically Looted’ & “Memories and Dreams’
  • One Note Johnny merch
  • Navajo Tea Time merch
  • Team YKD merch


Team YKD have been featured on the 21st Century Native Leaders podcast on several occasions to discuss indigenous knowledge, business design, renewable energy, and the interesting blend of family and entrepreneurship that we’ve harnessed with host, Peter Deswood III. You may listen to the podcast episodes to get a glimpse into our lives and hear about our values as Native entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and “elders in training” by clicking on the images below: