Empower by Go Daddy Main St. Accelerator

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We are thrilled to announce that Yahuaca Knowledge Distribution LLC was chosen for the Empower by GoDaddy Main St. Accelerator. After an extensive application process and a round of interviews, our company was selected to be part of the 2021 cohort! The kickoff was back in December, and every week since January 6th, we’ve been attending EMPOWER sessions with the BBB team. It’s been an amazing experience & such a blessing to be in the company of positive, energetic people equipped with tools & training that will contribute to our company’s positive trajectory.

Our goal this year is to stabilize & grow our business. We started this journey with a big goal to transform the Navajo Nation’s political & economic landscape. Our journey over the past 3 years has taken us all over the United States & to South America. We have been able to contributed to the advancement of Indian Country in little ways by supporting Native-operated non-profit organizations, promoting two major publications, producing two music albums, launching a YouTube channel, starting a reservation-based solar tech operation, and engaging in philanthropy.

These activities have moved us closer to our goal. Our audacity to survive an Indigenous holocaust remains our biggest motivator to shift the landscape and change our world for the better. In small ways, we proved that art speaks volumes, unity is unbridled, and the spirit of indigenous people is strong! In large ways, we put power behind vehicles that are propelling indigenous talent, innovation and ingenuity forward.

They say ‘colonization is experiencing change on other people’s terms’. Our terms involve thriving. In conversations all across Indian Country, we had been hearing the same message: we need to move beyond surviving and begin thriving! As we continue on, we just want to express our immense gratitude for our friends, family & colleagues for their support. Though it’s been a tough time living through a pandemic, we are still striving. And, we are excited to unveil our latest projects later this year. Ahxe’hee!

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