Stop imagining the apocalypse & start imagining the revolution

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Due to the COVID-19 precautions enacted this week, Yahuaca Knowledge Distribution, LLC may need to re-structure it’s business model to accommodate the shifting economic landscape. However, our mission will remain the same & we will continue to support & empower our indigenous people. The menu of services we provide will pivot to meet the current needs of our communities, and we will cease all travel for the next few months.  However, we see this as an opportunity to get creative & try out some new ideas that we’ve been toying with. So, stay tuned for those announcements in the coming weeks.

On a personal, real level… something that we’ve been wanting to put out there is a message of hope in this time of turmoil. The reality is that our communities are suffering from an attack that we cannot see, smell or hear coming. And, fear has gripped our hearts. Stress has been elevated to a new, heightened plane & we take that seriously.  As individuals that love our people – it’s painful to see panic. So, what we’d like to say to everyone during this time, is “Focus on the good, the beautiful & the times we learned something new & fascinating about ourselves. Think of healing, health & wellness. If we focus on the positive, we can shift our internal narrative.” These times are stressful, and we understand that morale rises and falls day-to-day – but we’d like to encourage you to be brave and choose to see the good, the blessings & the opportunity to reset the agenda and create the kind of impact that will be long-lasting. We cannot be dictated by fear. We must use this time to create strategies & solutions for our social, spiritual, political & economic problems. We must rise up now & fight for our livelihood. Now is the time to unite, to be human in the best way possible & to learn to be still enough that we can hear our ancestors speaking to us. Now is the time to step into our strength, to recapture that old wisdom, to put our indigenous knowledge to work, and to exhibit our resilient spirit. Sing your songs! Dance to the rhythm of the Earth’s heartbeat! Realign yourself with the divine! Wake your mind up. Speak words of hope. And, use indigenous languages to re-connect with the Holy People (even if you can only utter a few words… use them.. they are listening). Sometimes sickness isn’t just biological – it’s spiritual.  So, keep that in mind. This is not the end of the world. We are going to get through this! And, if we do it right – there will be a revolution. Dream it. Speak it. Use your thoughts & words to speak it into being. That’s the power you hold inside you.


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