Adrian’s Personal Philosophy Statement

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18010782_10209247865449265_918105088433701286_nAll citizens of the Navajo Nation ought to be educators, activists, and communicators with big dreams to change the economic and political landscape of our Nation. I endeavor to live up to these lofty goals. As an Indigenous woman who grew up on the Navajo Nation, I’ve observed how Indigenous communities lack the power to set their own agendas in regard to issues that directly impact them. Through my own efforts and collaborations with motivated change-makers, I’ve built on the work to bring our Indigenous voices to the forefront of policy making and economic development. My goal has been, and continues to be to seek, identify and fine tune strategies for Indigenous people to build out their local, regional and national reach. By providing support, knowledge and language to correctly articulate and combat currently existing barriers, I aim to reset the agenda so that the improbable is achievable and the disempowered are empowered. I believe family and K’e is everything. My professional life has been built on the foundational practice of forward thinking. This has allowed me to make decisions with integrity and foresight that my own children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of my good choices, or sow the seeds of my bad ones. I believe in trailblazing and paving a path for those who are coming up behind us. Our time, efforts and resources are not unlimited, so we need to be strategic, creative and conservative with what we have right now. As a family member and a community member, I lead with my heart. I do work that will make a difference in the long run, and I encourage others to join me on this mission to create a landscape that is primed for growth and prosperity. Though it is a difficult journey that requires discipline and self-motivation, it’s a journey worth making if it will benefit the generations of indigenous people who deserve opportunities to learn, grow and be empowered.


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