Celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary <3

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It began with a bright idea, a spark between two creative souls, and an innate drive to do something meaningful. We were on a dark, desolate road in New Mexico driving toward our future. The goal was simple – to regain our voice as indigenous people, reset the agenda, and put Native people in the driver’s seat of our own existence. They say ‘colonization is experiencing change on other people’s terms’. Our terms involve thriving. In conversations all across Indian Country, we had been hearing the same message: we need to move beyond surviving and begin thriving!

In one year, we feel like we contributed to that process. By supporting two Native-operated organizations (the Rezilience Indigenous Arts Experience and the Native American Business Incubator Network), and by promoting two major publications (‘Indigenous Sovereignty in the 21st Century: Knowledge for the Indigenous Spring’ and ‘ Guided by the Mountains: Navajo Political Philosophy and Governance’) we moved closer to our goal. Our audacity to survive an Indigenous holocaust remains our biggest motivator to shift the landscape and change our world for the better. In small ways, we proved that art speaks volumes, unity is unbridled, and the spirit of indigenous people is strong! In large ways, we put power behind vehicles that are propelling indigenous talent, innovation and ingenuity forward. This is our change. This is us thriving!

Together, we wrote a journal article about the #NoDAPL movement, which should be out very soon! Our future plans include more creative endeavors, such as a book tour and the release of some original music; but also the launch of YKDsolar (details forthcoming), and the continuation of our Pop-Up Infoshops for fellow sheep herder academics! Thriving feels good.

Our focus for the next three years are the following:

  • 2018 – Writing – Articles, Book Projects,’Zine
  • 2019 – Audio – Music and Podcasts
  • 2020 – Visual – Video/Film – YouTube channel, Mini-docs

With all of the exciting events that have transpired in the last year, it is difficult to untangle our personal journeys together as a team, and as a family. When we decided to live a life together, we also declared that we would have a business like a marriage – built on trust and loyalty. As a team, we are committed to our communities and our people. THRIVE WITH US!

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