Dineh Chamber of Commerce

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#TeamYKD is proud to announce we are now members of the Dineh Chamber of Commerce! On July 22, 2017, Adrian and Mike attended the Dineh Chamber of Commerce Meet, Greet and Network event at the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, capital of the Navajo Nation. We were having a slightly rough morning but the beautiful songs & prayers of Hataalii Ernest Becenti Sr, got us both singing along and restored to our balanced selves. We were able to reconnect with our friends and partners within the Native American Business Incubator Network, including Joann Notah and Stanford Lake. We also met some powerful speakers ,including Justin Jones. Mr. Jones has spent his career in the legal profession defending the rights of entrepreneurs to feed their families and uplift our communities.


Our moment to shine came when Adrian presented the extensive work the Native American Business Incubator Network (NABIN) is involved in. Work such as Change Labs and business incubation/acceleration was mentioned, but the focus was on the 2017 Innovation Challenge. Many of the attendees remarked that our Executive Director, Adrian, did a wonderful job of advocating for entrepreneurs on Navajo Nation. Later, Mike gave a 2-minute pitch on the YKD mission and vision. We traded hand shakes with our relatives and shared contact info with other inspired natives working to launch and grow their businesses.  It has been a wonderful July and we remain ever optimistic about reclaiming our economy for ourselves! Search this hashtag for others on similar journeys: #IamTheNavajoEconomy

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