We have an official LOGO!!

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YKD rainbowYKD was fortunate to be a part of ‘Create + Elevate II’, a 2-day NABIN marketing workshop designed to support entrepreneurs and small businesses. The event was held at the 2017 Navajo Nation Economic Summit at Twin Arrows Navajo Casino and Resort. Our team was partnered with graphic designer, Tyson Powless of Un3ek Sy5tem, and he did not let us down! He went above and beyond to develop a logo that would be ‘printer friendly’ and cost effective.  We gave him 100% creative freedom, and this is the design he came up with. It incorporates the mountain element and utilizes an arrow as a horizon demarcation, indicating a collaboration between Mother Earth and Father Sky. It also includes elements of water, growth, and traditional textile design. We see it as a symbol of regeneration, strength, and balance.

cropped-ykd-turq-e1495690784191.jpgEach logo has a great deal of significance to our team. The original design was feverishly sketched on hotel stationary the night we decided to embark on this journey. And, it was made beautiful by Hopi painter, Duane Koyawena, who painted up a gorgeous 30″ x 36″ work of art signifying the endeavors we intended to carry out. Now, we have a vector logo we can use to carry these elements we hold dear to us. Keep a look out for t-shirts, stickers, and maybe even a bolo tie! (Okay . . . maybe not a bolo tie!)

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